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The Truth about Cookie-Cutter Solar Systems


Solar systems are a lot like homes – they come in all shapes and sizes ☝️. So, when you’re purchasing a solar system from a company, why settle for something off the shelf? The one-size-fits-all solar system does NOT work and has stung thousands of households around the country with huge repair bills, malfunctioning systems and warranty claim rejections. A company that insists on installing as many solar panels on your rooftop as can fit doesn’t have your best interests in mind, either. You’d be surprised to discover just how many panels you’d need to power your home. Reputable companies won’t even make any recommendations until they’ve done an energy audit and have conducted an on site inspection. It’s only then that you’ll have clarity with what system best works for you. For more tips, download our eBook: The 5 Truths About Solar Energy For Home & Business ~
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