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It's About Knowing What's Best For Your Needs

If you are considering moving to solar energy you’re probably wondering first, which solar panels to choose. It’s vital to do your research because the most expensive are not necessarily the best. However, there’s more to the story than the panels that end up on your roof...


The sun is the most abundant energy source available on Earth and best of all, it's free. Using the sun to power your home through solar produces no pollutants and is one of the cleanest sources of energy available. Every solar power system installed decreases the amount of fossil fuels needed to generate electricity, which in turn reduces the pollutants that contribute heavily to global warming.

When the sun shines, its energy can be captured by solar panels installed on your roof, which is then transformed through an inverter into the electrical current that can then be used to power your home.

From panel size to installation and positioning, there’s a lot to comprehend and many different factors to consider. Most importantly, your particular energy needs and the location/orientation of your home will determine how best to design a solar system that maximises your long-term return on investment.


Solar has never been more accessible than it is today with the combination of government incentives and finance options. Using RateSetter’s Renewable Energy Loan, we are able to offer you low deposit, low repayment finance on your new solar system (including installation). We will walk you through your no-obligation finance application online. Once approved, the loan repayments could be lower than your current energy bills. Break free from your excessive energy bills and pay off your newly installed solar system instead.


Solar feed-in tariffs (FIT) are the payments made by your energy retailer to solar system owners for the energy they generate and send back into the grid. So, excess electricity generated by your solar system that is not used in your home will be credited to your electricity account.

The South Australian state government mandates a minimum retail feed-in tariff rate of 5.3c/kWh for residential solar power systems up to 5kW. Retailers can, and some do, provide higher rates for power you feed back into the system so make sure to check with your retailer about what rate you can expect.


Whether your home or business needs a solar installation, or your exisiting system is in need of maintenance and repair, our free Site Visit will ensure every detail around your project is clear from the start.

● Comprehensive site visit for project brief and discussion.
● Safety and performance check.
● Appliance and energy use inventory.
● Recommendations for increased energy efficiency.
● Detailed report with quote.


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