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How much should you Budget for your System? We have the Answer


Money can be one of the biggest barriers when making the switch to solar. Just like a renovation or a home remodel, solar power systems can be a large investment, and we understand the barriers for why people forego making the switch (or simply settle on a subpar, cheap system). Just because it’s not realistic for some homeowners to make a massive investment in top-end systems, that doesn’t mean your choices in buying solid components or products are out the window. A reputable installer should be able to give you a wide range of options when it comes to decent priced products that can still withstand the elements, while offering a strong warranty. A good rule is to ensure that the panels you invest in can last for 25-years. Spend a little more upfront and your savings over the lifespan of the system are far more secure. For more tips, download our eBook: The 5 Truths About Solar Energy For Home & Business ~
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