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18 Oct, 2020

The Savings you can Experience with Solar

Imagine knowing your electricity bills are going to all but disappear. As electricity rates rise, more and more Adelaide homes and businesses are moving to solar power with around 30 to 40% having a ...

11 Oct, 2020

Considering Solar? Get in Touch with our Team

If you are considering moving to solar energy you’re probably wondering first, which solar panels to choose. It’s vital to do your research because the most expensive are not necessarily the bes ...

27 Sep, 2020

Look to us for your Annual Solar Maintenance

One of the reasons that solar panels are such a good investment is that they require very little maintenance 👌. However, other parts of the system, such as the inverter and the cables that connec ...

20 Sep, 2020

Offering the Best for our Clients

We only offer the best for our clients ☝️. This means recommending solar products and equipment that are not only reputable in the solar sector, but also have a strong Australian presence, so th ...

13 Sep, 2020

Our work with Fronius Products

We love using Fronius products, not only because of their rock-solid quality, but due to their Australian presence, warranty claims are easy and fuss-free for our clients if they are ever needed. To ...

6 Sep, 2020

What do you Value in a Solar Provider?

We don’t offer any false savings or discount inflated prices 🙅‍♂️. We won’t compromise your safety or return on investment by palming off inferior products just to get the sale. We wo ...

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