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19 Sep, 2021

Why It's Important To Monitor Your Solar Performance

Solar energy systems need very little maintenance and ongoing care, however, Maximum returns are gained when the whole system is operating at maximum capacity. to ensure maximum efficiency over time ...

12 Sep, 2021

Get Your Solar System Now With Our Easy Finance Options

Did you know you can pay your solar system off in small increments with our secure finance option?! You can reap immediate financial benefits as your electricity bill shrinks to a quarter of its size. ...

5 Sep, 2021

Why Our Maintenance And Service Schedule Is Vital To Your Investment

Your whole system must be working at its best capacity to gain maximum returns, fortunately, solar energy systems need very little maintenance or ongoing care when you’ve invested in quality. S ...

29 Aug, 2021

Sparkwire Solar Tailors Your Solar System Solution To You

At Sparkwire Solar we provide you with an on-site inspection of your home and property, in addition, we ask about your energy usage throughout the year. Why? Well, it’s essential in tailoring yo ...

22 Aug, 2021

We Suggest You DON'T Buy A Solar System Based On Price: Here's Why

If you’re thinking of trying to save money by investing in a cheap solar system you may find yourself losing time and money down the line… the only way to cheapen the price of a system is ...

15 Aug, 2021

We've Done The Math On Your Short Term and Long Term Returns

Often we don’t realise the significant return on investment with solar because we’re too busy thinking of the short term returns that are significant and immediate. Don’t forget abo ...

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