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28 Nov, 2021

Sparkwire Solar Are Ready To Help You Save Money

It’s fantastic to significantly reduce your energy costs and it’s out of this world to see those savings grow exponentially over time. As electricity prices continue to rise, your solar system pro ...

21 Nov, 2021

Did You Know We Offer Easy Finance Options?

We are a local business supporting our community members with the expertise and information they need to determine if solar is the right solution for them. That’s why we offer renewable energy f ...

3 Oct, 2021

How A Tailor-Made Solar Solution Will Save You Thousands

Buying an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solar system from a salesperson has stung thousands and thousands of households around the country. Homeowners have been left with huge repair bills, malfunc ...

26 Sep, 2021

How To Protect Your Investment In Your New Solar System

When you spend a little more upfront on your solar system, your savings over the lifespan of the system will be far more secure. It’s a huge investment and we take everything into consideration ...

19 Sep, 2021

Why It's Important To Monitor Your Solar Performance

Solar energy systems need very little maintenance and ongoing care, however, Maximum returns are gained when the whole system is operating at maximum capacity. to ensure maximum efficiency over time ...

12 Sep, 2021

Get Your Solar System Now With Our Easy Finance Options

Did you know you can pay your solar system off in small increments with our secure finance option?! You can reap immediate financial benefits as your electricity bill shrinks to a quarter of its size. ...

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